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Physical security

Our staff have a multitude of skills, from mountain leaders and jungle expedition guides to dive masters, medical instructors and personal trainers, with skills tailored to enhance crews or guests on board.

Cyber Security

We aim to take the in-house knowledge and expertise of PGI Cyber, in conjunction with our knowledge of the superyacht industry to provide a unique, client focused security solution.

Journey Risk Mitigation

We follow established risk management methods aligned to ISO 31000 risk management standard to save time and expense, facilitate clear communication of risks and to ensure a thorough, auditable approach.

Who we are

Halcyon Superyacht Security is the bespoke Superyacht Security division of PGI Group. The PGI Group is made up of a number of companies which all have separate but complimentary skills. Having worked closely with numerous Superyacht Captains, owners and management companies in recent years, PGI Group came to the decision to create a dedicated Superyacht division.


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What we do

Halcyon Superyacht Security aims to take the in-house knowledge and expertise of PVI, in conjunction with our knowledge of the superyacht industry, to provide a unique, client focused security solution offering Maritime Security, Security Assessments and Audits and Physical Security Training.


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Weekly Maritime Security Report

India: Robbers board vessel off Gopnath Point 03 October The Tanzanian-flagged Offshore Supply Vessel, ASD Jaguar was robbed during the afternoon hours of 3 October, while being towed off the coast of India. The incident occurred at approximately 1630 hrs local time, some 3 nm west of Gopnath Point. The vessel had been towed by the tug, Bateleur, and was bound for Bhavnagar for demolition. The Master of the tug noticed three individuals boarding the ASD Jaguar and making off with ship stores before escaping. The Master then proceeded to report the incident to VTS Khambat, who in turn reported it to the Indian Coast Guard.   PGI Analysis: Robberies are frequently reported at Indian ports and in nearby waters. […]

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Weekly Maritime Security Report

Peru: Robbers board bulk carrier at Callao Anchorage 30 September Four robbers boarded a bulk carrier at Callao Anchorage at about 0100 hrs local time. The assailants took the vessel´s Able Seamen (AB) hostage and tied his hands while they proceeded to rob the ship´s properties. When the duty officer did not receive a respond from the AB he ordered other crew members to investigate. Upon arriving at the forecastle, the crew members saw the AB was tied and raised the alarm, prompting the robbers to escape with the ship´s properties. The incident was reported to Callao port authorities. PGI Analysis: Robberies targeting vessels anchored or berthed at Callao Anchorage are intermittently reported. Most robberies are opportunistic though robbers are […]

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Weekly Maritime Security Report

  India: Robbers board LPG tanker at Kakinada Anchorage 23 September Four robbers boarded an LPG tanker at Kakinada Anchorage using a hook attached to a rope at 2325 hrs local time. Alert crew noticed the robbers and raised the alarm. The robbers reportedly escaped on a boat with ship’s stores after hearing the alarm. The incident was reported to local authorities. PGI Analysis: Robberies are intermittently reported at Kakinada Anchorage, particularly overnight when thieves take advantage of low visibility. Although some robbers are reported to be armed, instances of violence are rare, indicating thieves are predominantly armed for self-protection or intimidation.   Indonesia: Robbers board tanker berthed at Dermaga Kencana terminal 19 September Two robbers boarded a tanker berthed […]

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