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Physical security

Our staff have a multitude of skills, from mountain leaders and jungle expedition guides to dive masters, medical instructors and personal trainers, with skills tailored to enhance crews or guests on board.

Cyber Security

We aim to take the in-house knowledge and expertise of PGI Cyber, in conjunction with our knowledge of the superyacht industry to provide a unique, client focused security solution.

Journey Risk Mitigation

We follow established risk management methods aligned to ISO 31000 risk management standard to save time and expense, facilitate clear communication of risks and to ensure a thorough, auditable approach.

Who we are

Halcyon Superyacht Security is the bespoke Superyacht Security division of PGI Group. The PGI Group is made up of a number of companies which all have separate but complimentary skills. Having worked closely with numerous Superyacht Captains, owners and management companies in recent years, PGI Group came to the decision to create a dedicated Superyacht division.


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What we do

Halcyon Superyacht Security aims to take the in-house knowledge and expertise of PVI, in conjunction with our knowledge of the superyacht industry, to provide a unique, client focused security solution offering Maritime Security, Security Assessments and Audits and Physical Security Training.


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Weekly Maritime Security Report

Benin: Pirates kidnap nine crew members near Cotonou 02 November Pirates kidnapped nine crew members from a Norwegian-flagged cargo ship around 14 km off Cotonou. The assailants boarded the vessel while it was at anchorage. The vessel managed to notify the authorities and has reached the port of Cotonou.   Togo: Pirates kidnap four crew members off Lome 04 November Unidentified gunmen attacked a Greek-owned oil tanker 18 km off the port of Lome at 0300 hrs local time and kidnapped four crew members. The assailants shot and wounded one security guard on board the vessel. Two of the abducted crew members are Filipinos, one is Greek, and one is Georgian.   PGI Analysis: Beninese and Togolese waters are vulnerable […]

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This week’s Maritime Security Report

Indonesia: Pirates board Greek vessel off Singapore Strait 18 October Five unidentified perpetrators boarded a bulk carrier sailing under a Greek flag, four miles northeast of Pulau Cula, Indonesia. After the alarm was raised the assailants escaped without any robbery or confrontation taking place. The captain informed the authorities of the incident in Singapore and the ship continued to its next port of call.   PGI Analysis: The Singapore strait has a history of high levels of piracy and criminals typically board underway vessels. Robberies are periodically reported in the waters and assailants have been known to use force to extract their demands. In some cases, crew have been injured during robberies. Coordinated patrols by Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore […]

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Weekly Maritime Security Report

Peru: Robbers board tanker at Callao anchorage 12 October Three robbers boarded a tanker at Callao anchorage at about 0230 hrs local time. Watchmen on duty spotted the robbers at the vessel’s forecastle deck and raised the alarm. Upon hearing the alarm, the crew proceeded to muster while the robbers escaped on a small boat without stealing anything. Crew was reported safe.   PGI Analysis: Robberies are periodically reported at Callao port and anchorage. Most robberies are opportunistic, though robbers are sometimes armed and can use force to extract their demands. Robbers tend to act overnight to take advantage of low visibility and poor security at Callao. Singapore: Armed robbers steal from bulk carrier in Singapore Straits 20 October Five […]

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