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Physical security

Our staff have a multitude of skills, from mountain leaders and jungle expedition guides to dive masters, medical instructors and personal trainers, with skills tailored to enhance crews or guests on board.

Cyber Security

We aim to take the in-house knowledge and expertise of PGI Cyber, in conjunction with our knowledge of the superyacht industry to provide a unique, client focused security solution.

Journey Risk Mitigation

We follow established risk management methods aligned to ISO 31000 risk management standard to save time and expense, facilitate clear communication of risks and to ensure a thorough, auditable approach.

Who we are

Halcyon Superyacht Security is the bespoke Superyacht Security division of PGI Group. The PGI Group is made up of a number of companies which all have separate but complimentary skills. Having worked closely with numerous Superyacht Captains, owners and management companies in recent years, PGI Group came to the decision to create a dedicated Superyacht division.


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What we do

Halcyon Superyacht Security aims to take the in-house knowledge and expertise of PVI, in conjunction with our knowledge of the superyacht industry, to provide a unique, client focused security solution offering Maritime Security, Security Assessments and Audits and Physical Security Training.


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Weekly Maritime Security Report

  Congo: Unarmed robbers board vessel off Pointe-Noire 07 July Two unarmed robbers boarded an anchored vessel at 0430 hrs local time off Pointe-Noire. The two suspects stole ropes and fled in a white skiff. The vessel and crew were reported safe. PVI Analysis: Robberies at Pointe-Noire anchorage and in nearby waters are intermittently reported. While in this incident the robbers were unarmed, pirates in the area are often armed and violent, occasionally causing injuries to crew members. Robbers tend to attack during the night to take advantage of low visibility.     Malaysia: Robbers board barge off Tanjung Piai 18 May According to late reports, six robbers boarded an underway Niue-flagged tug boat towing a barge from a nearby […]

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Weekly Maritime Security Report

  Yemen: Skiffs approach merchant vessel in Bab el-Mandeb 01 July A merchant vessel transiting through the Bab el-Mandeb was approached by three skiffs each with five persons on board, during the early morning hours of 1 July. The incident occurred at approximately 1140 hrs local time. The three skiffs approached within 0.1 nm. The merchant vessel’s Armed Security Team showed their weapons and the skiffs proceeded to depart. The crew and the vessel were reported safe.   PVI analysis: Piracy and attacks are intermittently reported in the Bab el-Mandeb strait. Robbers are frequently armed and tend to use violence during robberies. Indonesia: Robbers board bulk carrier in Tanjung Priok Port 30 June An unspecified number of robbers boarded a berthed […]

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Weekly Maritime Security Report

Select Maritime News Brazil: Authorities seize 530 kg of cocaine at Paranagua port 26 June Authorities seized 530 kg of cocaine hidden inside a cargo container at Paranagua port. Authorities found the narcotics during a routine check. The narcotics were bound for Rotterdam port in the Netherlands.   Greece: Port employees to strike in Athens, Thessaloniki on 3 July 28 June A trade union representing dockworkers called for a strike at ports in Athens and Thessaloniki over working conditions. The industrial action is likely to impact maritime operations including passenger transportation.   Italy: Migrant rescue boat heads to Lampdusa despite Italy´s warning 26 June A German-owned migrant-rescue boat entered Italian waters and headed toward the islands of Lampedusa, despite Italian […]

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