Incident Report - Two Indonesian fishermen....

Two Indonesian fishermen were kidnapped by armed men in the waters off Semporna, a town in the East Malaysian state of Sabah, reported local Police.

Four crew members were on a fishing vessel docked at the Pulau Gaya jetty when the kidnapping reportedly took place during curfew hours at approximately 0100 hrs local time on the 11th September. Two of the crew members escaped being kidnapped by hiding inside the ship.

Local media reported that an initial probe showed that the masked kidnappers were carrying M16 rifles.

The police have not received any request for ransom and are investigating whether the suspects are related to the Abu Sayyaf group, a Police Spokesman said.


According to local media, this would be the first kidnapping incident in almost two years. Kidnappers of Abu Sayyaf and other militant groups based in the restive southern Philippines have in years abducted residents and foreign tourists in the neighbouring Malaysian state Sabah for ransom.

The Malaysian authorities have strengthened security, imposing curfew in some areas until 13th September between 1800 – 0600 hrs around Sabah seas.



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