About Us

Halcyon Superyacht Security is the bespoke Superyacht Security division of PVI Group.

PVI has remained a market leader in the world of Maritime Security since its inception in 2009. PVI is focused on the delivering high quality, physical security solutions on board Superyachts around the world. This includes Security Training and Survival Courses.

Working with PGI Cyber Security their specialists allow us to deliver straightforward, practical Cyber Security services and training that are proportionate to each client’s needs.

PVI Intelligence division can provide Geopolitical Risk Analysis to Yacht Managers, Charter Managers and Captains before charters commence or as they plan their voyages to ensure complete awareness of all risks that will be faced by the yacht, her crew and her guests.

Halcyon Superyacht Security aims to take all this in-house knowledge and expertise of PVI, in conjunction with our knowledge of the superyacht industry, to provide a unique, comprehensive and client focused security solution offering Physical Security, Cyber Security, Journey Risk Mitigation and Training in both Physical and Cyber Security.

The PVI Group has been working with New Build Projects and prestigious superyachts since 2016 offering the full range of services. In 2017 the decision was taken to use a brand name – Halcyon Superyacht Security – specifically for the Superyacht Industry to cover all the PVI Services – making it easier to explain the services we can provide.

What Sets us Apart

Having worked closely with numerous Superyacht Captains, owners and management companies in recent years, PVI Group came to the decision to create a dedicated Superyacht division. Halcyon Superyacht Security draws on the specialist skillsets within PVI to offer the Superyacht industry a unique, comprehensive and client focussed security solution.

Health, Safety, Security and Environment Assurance and Quality Management

• Our senior management offers clear leadership and places great importance on health, safety, security and environmental assurance; we place quality at the top of our priorities. We aim to stand out for our refusal to cut corners.

• Our successes are verified through positive accident performance rates, zero prosecutions and high standards of third party assessment against international ISO standards.
o ISO 27000
o ISO 28000
o ISO14001
o GCHQ Approved Courses

Supply chain ownership

• Investment in a logistics hub including full time armourers as part of a team which guarantees control and husbandry of all kit and equipment. Size of logistic footprint means we can facilitate at short notice at almost any port.

Long term investment in the quality of our guards.

• Our guards are uniquely loyal – we offer them superior training and the best duty of care in the industry. Our teams have an industry reputation second to none.
• In return the customer receives a first-rate service – we go the extra mile to deliver excellence. Our guards establish relationships with captains and crew to whom they have provided consistent protection over years of service.

Listen to Murray Bishop, Halcyon Account Manager discussing ‘What sets us apart’