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Brazil: Authorities seize 530 kg of cocaine at Paranagua port

26 June

Authorities seized 530 kg of cocaine hidden inside a cargo container at Paranagua port. Authorities found the narcotics during a routine check. The narcotics were bound for Rotterdam port in the Netherlands.


Greece: Port employees to strike in Athens, Thessaloniki on 3 July

28 June

A trade union representing dockworkers called for a strike at ports in Athens and Thessaloniki over working conditions. The industrial action is likely to impact maritime operations including passenger transportation.


Italy: Migrant rescue boat heads to Lampdusa despite Italy´s warning

26 June

A German-owned migrant-rescue boat entered Italian waters and headed toward the islands of Lampedusa, despite Italian officials prohibiting the vessel from doing so. The captain of the migrant vessel said he decided to ignore Italy´s orders because the situation aboard the vessel was “now more desperate than ever”. Interior minister Matteo Salvini said the boat is not allowed to dock and threatened to arrest the vessel´s captain.


New Caledonia: Armed gang raids tourist boat south of Ouvea island

27 June

A gang armed with rifles and machetes attacked a boat carrying Australian tourists south of Ouvea island on 24 June, authorities said. The attackers fired shots in the air, at the windshield and a fender of the boat before five or six of the gang members boarded. The boat was then looted while one of its engines and electronic equipment was destroyed. The tourists were reportedly lightly injured during the incident.


Senegal: Authorities seize 798 kg of cocaine at Dakar port

20 June

Authorities seized 798 kg of cocaine at Dakar port on a ship travelling from Brazil. The drugs were hidden in 15 new cars that the ship was transporting. West Africa has seen an increase in drug seizures in recent years, with drugs largely originating from South America.


Tunisia: Navy intercepts six migrants off Mahdia

1 July

The navy intercepted six Tunisian would-be migrants off eastern Mahdia governorate. Attempts to cross the Mediterranean to reach Europe are common in Tunisia, which suffers from poor economic conditions and high unemployment.

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