Incident Report - Attempted Pirate Attack...

Date Time: 02/11/2018 09:40:00 UTC

Area: Horn of Africa


Lat: 13°27’75 N

Lon: 50°12’24 E

Detail: LATE Report| While sailing, the duty officer on board Singapore-flagged tanker noticed a suspicious mother boat with unknown number of people on board and two skiffs with two men on board each skiff at 0940 UTC in position 13:27.75N – 050:12.24E, IRTC, Gulf of Aden. Duty officer informed the master who activated security measures by activating the deck water spray, broadcasted the security situation through VHF Ch 16 and stationed three guards at the bridge. He commenced the lock down procedure and informed company’s CSO, operator and UKMTO of the situation. Following tanker manoeuvres and increased speed, the mother boat and its two skiffs stopped chasing the tanker. Reported (ReCAAP) 2 Nov.

UNID: 5581

Action: NEW

Reported By: OL CHARLIE



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