Incident Report - Yacht Arrested for alleged Drug Smuggling off Ibiza.....

Yacht HCH-X, a Gibraltar Registered, 31 meter LOA expedition motor yacht built by Halter Marine, was intercepted by Spanish Customs patrol boat early in the morning of 19th August, 15 Nautical Miles west of Ibiza, Balearic Islands, on a suspicion of drugs trafficking.

Approximately 300 KG of cocaine with a value of Euro 18 Million were found on board, divided into two parts 150 KG each, and hidden inside the yacht’s interior and Captain’s cabin.

5 Yacht Crew were arrested, 4 of them are Dutch and one of German Nationality.

The yacht was taken to Palma de Mallorca. The five suspects, the boat and the cocaine have been placed in the hands of a court in Palma.

The yacht was tracked at the weekend as it left Palma heading towards the Spanish mainland.

Surveillance from the air recorded the moment the crew picked up a number of packages which had just been thrown into the sea from a cargo ship.

Further investigations are ongoing, Police say “Operation Haircut” is still open and there will be further arrests. Investigations have been ongoing since mid-2016 when a yacht linked to a cocaine network was located in Mallorca.

Raids are also taking place in the Netherlands to crack an international drug smuggling gang.