Incident Report - Several Persons....

DateTime: 10/08/2018 10:00:00 UTC
Area: Asia
Lat: 5°29’3 N
Lon: 119°9’31 E

Detail: [Boarding] Several persons in speed boats boarded a tug towing a barge underway at 1000 UTC in position Off Tambisan Island, NE of Sabah, Malaysia. The Crew locked all access into the tug and contacted the local authorities who dispatched a security boat. Due to the hardening of the tug the persons were unable to enter the accommodation and escaped when they noticed the security boat approaching. The tug continued her voyage to the next port. Crew reported safe. Reported (IMB) 10 Aug.

UNID: 5489
Action: NEW
Reported By: OL BRAVO




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