Incident Report - Floods were reported....

Floods were reported earlier in the afternoon of 9th August in Saint Ambroix and Saint Bres, south of France via unverified footage posted on social media which showed high water levels in streams and some water flooding onto roads.


Further reports from French Officials later in the day advised of heavy floods which have forced the evacuation of 1,600 people across southern France.


The worst-hit areas are Gard, Ardèche and Drôme. More than 400 firefighters and police – as well as four helicopters – were deployed.


The flooding comes after southern France – and much of Europe – experienced unusually hot weather. The French interior ministry said six departments were placed on a flood alert.


The reports followed warnings of a possible outbreak of severe weather across Europe.


The low passed across BeNeLux on 9th August, crossing into the eastern North Sea and rapidly deepening to a central (MSL) pressure below 1000 mbar by late morning 10th August. This could potentially produce winds gusting to 120-130 km/h along the western coast of Denmark as well torrential rainfall and flash flooding across areas of Western Europe.


Extreme weather of this kind is likely to cause disruption to travel in affected areas.



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