Incident Report - A 6.4 magnitude earthquake killed 10 people.....


A 6.4 magnitude earthquake killed 10 people and damaged several houses on the island of
Lombok in Indonesia.

The quake happened at 0700 hrs Local Time in Lombok on 29th July.

The quake was centred 50KM northeast of the city of Mataram on the Northern part of
Lombok Island – the opposite end of the island to the Marina Del Ray.

The quake was felt in neighbouring Bali over 40 KM away, although no damage has been
immediately reported. The initial quake was followed by more than 60 smaller earthquakes,
with the largest recorded at a magnitude of 5.7.

The quake has injured at least 160 people and forced many to flee into nearby fields away
from collapsing buildings, Reuters reported.

Indonesia is prone to earthquakes because it lies on the Ring of Fire.

Based on the records of the USGS, Indonesia has had more than 150 earthquakes with
magnitude greater than 7 in the period 1901–2017.

2 earthquakes with magnitude measuring over 6 have occurred during 2018 so far.


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