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Your Monthly cyber snap shot from our parent company Protection Group International , informing you about the latest trends and news from the industry.

Diversity Deficient Cyber Security Industry – Skills Gap Made Worse


The cyber gap, the difference between the demand for cyber security professionals and their supply, is projected to reach 1.8 million by 2022, and with the on-going debate over the diversity in the workplace, it is particularly shocking that women currently only make up 20% of the industry’s workforce.

The cyber security world has a reputation for exploiting opaque techno-fear as a trading vehicle; often creating confusion in industry and public over the threat and solutions. However, it is this very perception that also deters women from joining the ranks of a profession that desperately needs their skills, talents, as well as their numbers and the value inherent in simple diversity. The long and short of it is, the cyber security industry simply isn’t sustainable without the right balance of workforce, and something needs to be done about it.

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Cyber Attack is Now a Case of ‘When’ and not ‘If’ for UK CEOs

“A recent survey suggests that CEOs from some of Britain’s biggest businesses believe they will be a victim of a cyber attack. With reports of both cyber attacks and breaches now daily around the world, 39 percent of UKs CEOs surveyed believed they will be targeted by a cyber attack. This finding was supported by a separate survey produced by KPMG which including 150 leaders and 1,150 CEOs. Bernard Brown, vice chair at KPMG, stated that from the results of the survey the inevitability of a cyber attack crosses all borders, and has now crossed firmly over the threshold for board-level discussions..”

PGI says…

Cyber awareness and training of CEOs and their respective workforce should form a key element of these discussions. This will, in part, inform organisations on how best to mitigate the threat and plan for incident response in worst case scenarios.

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Hamas Hacked Israeli Soldiers through World Cup Phone App, Israel Claims

“‘Operation Broken Heart’ finds Palestinian militants allegedly using increasingly sophisticated football and dating apps to spy on young troops.

A World Cup app and two dating apps for Android phones available on the Israeli version of the Google Play store were loaded with data stealing malware, military security officers told reporters at a briefing in Tel Aviv on Tuesday.

The malicious apps reportedly gave Gaza based Hamas the ability to access locations and copy contacts, files and photos, as well as hack cameras and microphones for spying purposes.”

PGI says…

This is another extreme example of Phishing. Phishing techniques are nothing new to the world of cyber, using mostly e-mails to target persons, groups and organisations. However, Hamas using specific apps just goes to show groups are now producing new schemes to phish. Our advice, like any phishing scheme, is to make sure that the email, app or software is genuine. With most phishing there are tell-tale signs, such as incorrect grammar or strange formatting. Making users aware is key. With awareness training, most phishing schemes will become more obvious and you will be able to spot the difference and prevent any attack.

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