Catamaran Reports Suspicious Approach

DateTime: 05/04/2018 18:30:00 UTC

Area: Asia


Lat: 17°15’7 N
Lon: 111°16’3 E

Detail: While sailing, a small ship Hong Lrut with two persons on board approached the catamaran at high speed (approximately 15 knots) within 200 nm and turned parallel to Swiss Prestige at 0230 LT in position 17:15.7N – 111:16.3E, South China Sea. The catamaran made a “mayday” distress call via VHF Channel 16 and increased her speed to 8 knots. The suspect ship moved away from the catamaran but continued on parallel course. A cruise liner, Diamond Princess responded to the mayday call and moved to the location. Swiss Prestige communicated with Diamond Princess that Falmouth MRCC had been informed. The suspect ship began to move away and depart from the area shortly afterwards. Swiss Prestige cancelled its mayday call and moved towards Johor, Malaysia.

Reported (IMB/ReCAAP) 6 Apr.

UNID: 5391
Action: NEW
ReportedBy: OL BRAVO