Yacht Chased By Skiffs In Gulf Of Aden

DateTime: 18/02/2018 05:30:00 UTC

Area: Horn of Africa


Lat: 13°50’97 N

Lon: 51°26’18 E

Detail: UPDATE: Underway Singapore-flagged container ship, Thalassa Niki, reported a suspicious boat towing three skiffs at 0530 UTC in position 13:50.97N – 051:26.18E, in the vicinity of Pt B IRTC, Gulf of Aden. Vessel received MAYDAY call on VHF Chan16 that sailing yacht Arakai (15nm ahead) was being pursued by two skiffs. Vessel informed UKMTO. Two skiffs approached the yacht to w/i 1nm whilst three skiffs remained stationary at 2.5nm. Alarm raised and speed increased. Coalition warship helo deployed resulting in the skiffs abandoning the approach. Fifteen perpetrators in five skiffs were sighted. Skiffs no longer within visual range. Vessel Safe at 0740 UTC. Reported (UKMTO/ReCAAP) 18 Feb.


UNID: 5309

Action: UPDATE

ReportedBy: OL CHARLIE

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