Maersk Chair Jim Hagemann Snabe And Lesson Learnt From Cyber Attack

A five minute video with Møller-Maersk chair Jim Hagemann Snabe talking  at the World Economic Forum about their experience with NotPetya (that wiped any PC or server it came into contact with), how they recovered, and lessons learnt.

In short ;

Reinstall of 4,000 new servers

45,000 new PCs

2,500 applications

a complete infrastructure” in ten days

They coped with only a 20% drop in volume by sheer human resilience, and by working closely with customers.

1) They were distinctly average when it came to cybersecurity – their ambition is to change this to the point where their ability to manage cybersecurity becomes a competitive advantage

2) They chose a very open dialogue around the incident from day one, e.g. via twitter. And they have spent a lot of resource helping other companies. They believe it is time to stop being naive when it comes to cybersecurity, many companies will be caught out if they are naive. They want to promote the need to be proactive, not reactive.

3) They’re currently not 100% reliant on technology, but if they were the incident would have been much worse. The internet becomes critical and you can’t overcome technology problems with human resilience anymore. The whole industry needs a radical improvement in infrastructure, with collaboration between companies, technology companies and law enforcement.

He hopes their incident will act as  a wake up call for all other companies that have anything to do with technology.

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