Yacht Attacked By Pirates


DateTime: 28/12/2017 14:00:00 UTC

Area: South America


Lat: 10°46’38 N

Lon: 62°33’22 W

Detail: LATE Report | Monohull yacht with 2 crew departed Puerto La Cruz, Venezuela for Grenada. At 1000 LT, approx 2 miles off the Paria peninsula, and approx 10 miles east of Cabo Tres Puntas an open fishing boat with 6 men approached, displaying and firing multiple long guns into the air. Crew immediately altered course and turned offshore. When the fishing boat came closer, the crew fired their flare gun directly at the men, and nearly hit them. The men, apparently understanding the fire hazard a burning flare would pose to their gasoline fuelled boat turned away, dropped back and made no further approach. The yacht then headed northwest and made safe port at Porlamar, Margarita, where a report was made to local officials. Reported (CSSN) 28 Dec 2017.


UNID: 1218NN

Action: NEW

ReportedBy: OL CHARLIE

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