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East Africa and the Indian Ocean 
Yemen: Saudi Royal Navy highlights maritime security in Gulf of Aden

31 August

The commander of the Saudi Royal Navy emphasised the importance of maritime security in the southern Red Sea, the Gulf of Aden and the strait of Bab el Mandeb. The commander applauded the role of partners in the Saudi-led Arab coalition in maintaining security in these waters, while also stressing the need to counter the Houthi threat to maritime traffic.

PGI Analysis: 

The Saudi-led coalition is conducting a bombing campaign against Houthi rebels in Yemen, both on land and at sea. According to local reports, the coalition has been accused of targeting fishing boats in the Red Sea, misidentifying them as vessels smuggling weapons to the Houthi militants and raising tensions between fishing communities and coalition forces in the area. Unconfirmed reports indicate such tensions could be driving fishing communities to participate in attacks against vessels thought to be associated with Saudi forces. Unidentified assailants in the Bab el Mandeb and southern Red Sea have carried out repeated attacks on both military and commercial vessels during the conflict.

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