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Safe in the knowledge, Superyacht News Interview

28th Jul 2017
  Protection Vessels International (PVI), a subsidiary of Protection Group International (PGI), has launched Halcyon Security Concierge, a full-service security and concierge division catered to the superyacht market. Halcyon covers physical security, cyber security, information support and concierge services. SuperyachtNews speaks to James Hilton, managing director of Halcyon Superyacht Security, about the realities of the superyacht security market and Halcyon’s USP. “I think that, especially on the cyber side, there are a lot of people and companies who are, quite rightly, seeing superyacht security as an opportunity,” starts Hilton. “However, these businesses don’t necessarily have the depth or breadth of knowledge to deliver the service they sell - that is not to say there aren’t a number of quality security service providers… Read More

Weekly Maritime Security Report

26th Jul 2017
Southeast Asia   Philippines: Robbers steal from container-ship at Manila anchorage 14 July   According to a late report, two robbers boarded an anchored container ship using the hawes pipe at 1930 hrs local time at Manila South Harbour Anchorage. Duty crew informed the chief officer, who then raised the alarm and mustered crew, prompting the robbers to flee with stolen ship's properties. The incident was reported to port authorities and the coast guard boarded the ship to investigate the robbery.   PGI Analysis: Reports of crime at Manila South Harbour Anchorage have been rare since 2015, when they were periodically reported. Crime at ports and anchorages in the Philippines is significantly lower than in neighbouring Malaysia and Indonesia, with incidents clustering off Tawi-Tawi province, Manila's South… Read More

Suspicious Approach, Ladders Sighted

26th Jul 2017
  SUSPICIOUS APPROACH   On 25 JULY 17 at 1230 UTC. A merchant vessel was approached by 9 white hulled skiffs, 10 POB in each skiff in posn 14 53N 042 27E (Bab-El- Mandeb Strait North Bound). The skiffs closed to 2 cables and ladders were sighted. AST presence deterred. Vessel is currently being followed by 5 skiffs.   Vessels transiting the area are advised to exercise extreme caution.   If you require any further intelligence information call 01884 849 475 or click here  Read More

Latest UKMTO Notice

25th Jul 2017
UKMTO NOTICE 002/JUL/2017   Category: Notice   Description: Recent activity in the Bab el Mandeb straight has heightened the associated risks to merchant vessels transiting the area.  To best mitigate against the full spectrum of threat, Masters and shipping companies should increase vigilance when passing through the area, transit the Strait during daylight hours, consider increasing speed and maintain the farthest possible distance from the Yemen coast and use the Western TSS around the Hanish Islands.   Any unusual or suspicious activity observed should be reported to UKMTO.   All should note that this is generic advice to the maritime industry and each individual sector should review their own operational risks and tailor their security arrangements and navigational course accordingly.   UKMTO will provide further updates when appropriate.   Any queries regarding this UKMTO Notice ring 0044 2392 222060… Read More

The General Data Protection Regulation

24th Jul 2017
The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), widely regarded as the biggest shake up of data protection law in 20 years, comes into force on 25 May 2018. It will affect every business located in the EU or trading with EU businesses which collects, stores or uses personal information. There are therefore very few (if any) businesses in the UK for whom the GDPR will have no effect. This would of course extend to yachts employing EU crew members.  The new Regulation enhances individuals’ data protection rights and introduces a greater obligation for businesses to be transparent in how they use personal data. Businesses will be required to have appropriate policies and procedures in place to ensure that personal data is collected and… Read More

UKMTO Notice to maritime community

20th Jul 2017
UKMTO NOTICE 001/JUL/2017 Category: Notice Description: Released on behalf of Combined Maritime Forces CMF LATEST ADVICE TO MARITIME COMMUNITY dated 16 July 2017 Recent attacks against merchant shipping in the Gulf of Aden and Bab-el-Mandeb have highlighted there are still risks associated with transits through these waters.  Daylight attacks by small boats using small arms, rocket propelled grenades, and Waterborne Improvised Explosive Devices (WBIED) have been conducted against the tankers MV Galicia Spirit in October 2016 and MT Muskie in May 2017.  While these attacks were both unsuccessful, and the identity of the attackers and their reason for the choice of target remains unknown, they potentially demonstrate a non-piracy related threat to the maritime community. The risk of the conflict… Read More

Weekly Maritime Security Report

19th Jul 2017
East Africa and the Indian Ocean  Iran: Container ship fires warning shots at suspicious skiff off Bandar-e Jask 11 July According to a late report, a container ship reported that a yellow metal-hulled skiff approached it at 1550 hrs local time 21 nm off Bandar-e Jask in the Gulf of Oman. The ship's embarked armed security team fired three warning shots at the skiff, as it came within 1 cable of the vessel, and two armed persons were sighted on board the skiff. Both the vessel and crew were reported as safe. PGI Analysis: The incident comes amid an increase in piracy activity in the Gulf of Oman in recent months as reports of suspicious approaches and attacks have increased more widely across the… Read More

Weekly Maritime Security Report

12th Jul 2017
    East Africa and the Indian Ocean    Yemen: Houthis lay mines near Hodeidah 7 July The Middle East Monitor, citing a report from Arab News, said that Houthi-Saleh forces were planting sea mines near the Red Sea port of Hodeidah. The report cited the threat from the mines to nearby shipping channels, including the heavily trafficked Bab el-Mandeb. Iran's Revolutionary Guard Corps were said to be assisting the rebels in planting the mines, though these claims could not be verified independently.   PGI Analysis: There has been an uptick in suspicious approaches and suspicious activity in the Bab el Mandeb since July 2016, which has intensified since mid-March when the Aris 13 was hijacked. The identity of the perpetrators behind the incidents in the strait remains unclear,… Read More

Italy Migration Statistics Jun/July 2017

11th Jul 2017
Italy has helped the Libyan government patrol its coastline and its southern desert border, human traffickers still appear to be running rampant. In addition, organisations assisting migrants say that the smugglers’ methods have grown increasingly brutal, with refugees reporting cases of rape, beatings, forced labour and even killings. Human traffickers are also warning migrants that a Libyan government crackdown could be around the corner, so this could be their last chance to make it to Europe. 102,387 arrivals to EUROPE 2017 101,210 by sea 1,177 by land (updates as of 29 June 2017) 2,247 dead/missing - Mediterranean 2017 387,739 arrivals to EUROPE 2016 5,098 dead/missing - Mediterranean 2016 Recent trends: Countries of first arrival to Europe   Country Arrivals Previous week   20 – 26 June Current week   27 June –… Read More

PGI SME Cyber Digest

3rd Jul 2017
The Route(r) Of All Problems A large number of the latest serious security threats have been linked to the ‘Vault 7’ files that WikiLeaks has been releasing over recent weeks. These leaks have provided details of many of the tools and exploits used by US intelligence agencies, and the latest batch includes router vulnerabilities that the CIA have allegedly been using for years to manipulate routers from manufacturers including D-Link and LinkSys. The released documents detail the CIA's modification of the router's firmware, dubbed FlyTrap, which is commonly used in private homes, public spaces and many small to medium sized businesses. It can monitor internet traffic and capture information such as email addresses, chat usernames, MAC addresses and VoIP numbers. Additionally,… Read More