Pirate Hijacking in Asia

Hijacking Alert

Date Time: 23/06/2017 13:00:00 UTC
Area: Asia
Lat: 3°55’27 N
Lon: 103°52’8 E
Detail: UPDATE: A tanker enroute from Singapore to Songkhla, Thailand was boarded by six armed pirates in a speed boat at 2100 LT in position 03:55.27N – 103:52.8E, 33nm NNE of Kuantan, Malaysia. They took all the crew hostage, locked them in the engine room, hit a few crew with their guns and damaged the navigation and communication equipment. They then sailed the tanker to an unknown location, ordered ships engineer to operate the pump and part of the diesel oil cargo, estimated at 1.5m litres, was stolen and transferred into their ship. Before escaping, at 0420 LT on 24 Jun, the pirates stole crew and ship property. After the pirates departure the crew sailed to Songkha port arriving 26 Jun for investigation. Reported (IMB/ReCAAP) 23 Jun.
UNID: 4945
Action: UPDATE
Reported By: OL BRAVO