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Pirate Hijacking in Asia

30th Jun 2017
Hijacking Alert Date Time: 23/06/2017 13:00:00 UTC Area: Asia Status: HIJACKING Lat: 3°55'27 N Lon: 103°52'8 E Detail: UPDATE: A tanker enroute from Singapore to Songkhla, Thailand was boarded by six armed pirates in a speed boat at 2100 LT in position 03:55.27N – 103:52.8E, 33nm NNE of Kuantan, Malaysia. They took all the crew hostage, locked them in the engine room, hit a few crew with their guns and damaged the navigation and communication equipment. They then sailed the tanker to an unknown location, ordered ships engineer to operate the pump and part of the diesel oil cargo, estimated at 1.5m litres, was stolen and transferred into their ship. Before escaping, at 0420 LT on 24 Jun, the pirates stole crew and ship property. After… Read More

Cyber Threat Alert

29th Jun 2017
SMARTER BETTER STRONGER Second Global Ransomware Attack Businesses and government systems have been hit in a global ransomware attack. The malware, a variation of the Petya ransomware which some analysts are calling 'Goldeneye or NotPetya, has so far encrypted files and hard drives on 2,000 machines. High profile victims Danish shipping giant Maersk, US pharmaceutical company Merck international advertising conglomerate WPP, global law firm DLA Piper, and multiple private and public institutions in Ukraine and Russia. This is the second Global ransomware attack in the the last two months. It follows the WannaCry outbreak in May that affected more than 150 organisations, including the UK's National Health Service, German railways and Spanish telephone firm Telephonica. How are victims infected? These attacks affect only computers… Read More

Weekly Maritime Security Report

28th Jun 2017
East Africa and the Indian Ocean    Yemen: Gunmen approach vessel 50 nm off Hodeidah 25 June A merchant vessel reported that it was approached by one dark-hulled skiff 50 nm west of Hodeidah at 1711 hrs local time. Weapons were sighted on board the skiff, which had eight persons on board and came within 3 cables of the vessel. The skiff moved further south away from the vessel, which was reported to be safe.   PGI Analysis: The incident comes amid an increase in reports of suspicious approaches off the Yemeni coast since March, when the Aris 13 bunkering tanker was hijacked in the Socotra Gap. This approach took place unusually far north in the Red Sea however, as such incidents are typically reported further… Read More

Understanding $1 million Bunker Company 'phishing scam'

21st Jun 2017
A bunker company in Malaysia claims it has been the victim of a phishing scam. The owner of the company has told police that it has been defrauded of RM4.5 million (US$ 1 million). The Malaysian National News Agency (BERNAMA) quoted the police chief in the north-western Malaysian state of Kedah as saying the company made two reports to the police, one on June 8 and another two days later on June 10. It claimed it had been deceived into making two transactions to a bank in Greensboro in the United States on May 31 and June 2.  “We believe [a] spam email was sent to the company by an international syndicate, which set up an email account that is similar to the… Read More

Weekly Maritime Security Report

21st Jun 2017
East Africa and the Indian Ocean    Yemen: Skiffs chase merchant vessel in Bab el Mandeb 13 June A merchant vessel reported it was approached by four skiffs with six to seven persons on board each at 1650 hrs local time 11 nm off the Yemeni coast in the Bab el Mandeb. The skiffs came within 0.5 nm of the vessel, approaching it at speed and chasing it for 10 minutes before embarked armed security showed their weapons, prompting the skiffs to drop back. Yemen:  Houthi missile attack wounds Emirati sailor off Mokha 15 June Saudi-led coalition forces confirmed that a Houthi guided missile had struck an Emirati warship off the Red Sea port of Mokha. One crew member was injured in the attack, which was claimed… Read More

Weekly Maritime Security Report

16th Jun 2017
East Africa and the Indian Ocean Yemen: Skiffs approach merchant vessel off Perim Island 5 June A merchant vessel reported that eight or nine suspicious skiffs approached the vessel 9 nm southeast of Perim Island in the Bab el Mandeb strait, and that weapons were sighted on the skiffs. The skiffs came within 1 nm of the vessel. Further details surrounding the incident were not immediately disclosed, although it comes after similar reports of around nine skiffs in the area acting suspiciously in recent days.   Yemen: Vessel reports suspicious skiff in southern Red Sea 4 June A merchant vessel reported that it was approached by a skiff 4 nm west of Jazirat al Hanish al Kabir Island in the southern Red Sea. The vessel said no… Read More

Threat Assessment: Bali-Kota Kinabalu, N.Borneo

16th Jun 2017
Threat Assessment: Bali – Kota Kinabalu, N.Borneo      Intelligence Cut-off Date: 16 June 2017 Indonesian and Malaysian waters off the eastern coast of the island of Borneo, which comprises of Malaysia’s Sabah and Indonesia’s Kalimantan, have seen a significant spike in hijackings and abductions-for-ransom since March 2016. These have mostly been conducted by the Philippine Islamist group Abu Sayyaf (ASG) which is based in the Jolo and Basilan islands of the Sulu Sea. The incidents have targeted slow-moving tugboats which are manned by Indonesian and Malaysian crewmembers, leading to at least 26 hostages being taken, ten of whom were freed after Indonesia paid ransoms. The trend threatens more than USD 40 bn worth of cargo which passes through the Sulu and… Read More

Benetti Super Yacht Conference

13th Jun 2017
Protection Group International (PGI) CEO Barry Roche was invited to the Benetti Yacht master event in Miami to give a presentation on all areas of super yacht security. The audience was a mixture of industry experts and super yacht captains, who were keen to learn more about the new Halcyon offering, as the need for one port of call for all areas of security is growing. Halcyons unique ability to deliver established security excellence in physical, cyber and intelligence is a great resource for all captains and management companies. Read More